Join us for the Celebration!

What could be better to celebrate the harvest season than with an invitation to one of Galena’s most celebrated weekends of the year? That would be the Galena Nouveau Wine Weekend slated for Friday, Nov. 17 and Saturday, Nov. 18, 2017.

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Centering around Galena Cellar’s Vineyard & Winery, the Annual Nouveau is always held the third
Friday of November and showcases the annual release of Le Beaujolais nouveau, which refers to the practice of bottling the first wine of the harvest just a few weeks after fermentation.


Scott Lawlor &
Christine Lawlor-White


“Light, bright and jubilantly fruity, this particular wine symbolizes the end of the growing season and as an invitation to partake of autumn’s bounty,” said Galena Cellars’ winemaker, Chris Lawlor-White.

The Nouveau invitation holds much in store for those attending the French infused, century plus tradition. Kicked off in Galena in 1985 by Galena Cellars, Nouveau Wine Weekend has grown to become a full-blown community celebration that revolves around all things that are wine – particularly Galena Cellar’s 2017 Nouveau wine.

“Nouveau wine is the perfect holiday wine with turkey and light fare that aspires towards drinkability without needing to be powerful or complex,” Chris explained. “It’s supposed to be something celebratory and about people getting together around the harvest and the holiday. It’s not about the wine . . .it’s about the people. That’s exactly what our Nouveau Wine Weekend is all about.”

The weekend activities get underway at noon on Friday, Nov. 17 when the new wine is officially released with a toast at Galena Cellar’s opening luncheon held at the Main Street location and the DeSoto House that day. Many area restaurants follow suit and celebrate with traditional French fare and wine-inspired luncheons.

The afternoon festivities continue at 2:30 p.m. with a parade of revelers assembling for a trek down Galena’s Main Street in assorted modes of transportation and merriment from horse-drawn wagons to trollies as the Nouveau wine is handed out to Galena merchants who display the Nouveau posters in their shop windows.